Getting Started


1. Charge Mighty

Charge Mighty for 60 minutes and leave it plugged in during Setup.



2. Install the mobile app

Search for "Mighty Audio" in the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the on-screen instructions.




3. Connect Mighty to the app

1. Make sure Mighty is charged and powered on (see LED guide below).

2. Open the app, then login or create an account

3. Mighty's name will appear in the Bluetooth section of the Connections screen.

4. Tap the + button next to Mighty's name, then press the play button on Mighty when the LED flashes blue. 



4. Connect Mighty to WiFi

1. The app will show you all WiFi networks in your area.

2. Tap the + button next to the name of your WiFi network.

3. Enter your WiFi network password and tap OK.



5. Select a music service

1. The app will allow you to select Spotify.

(Amazon Music integration coming soon)

2. Select the music service of your choice and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your account.



6. Sync some playlists

1. Go to the Browse section to view your playlists.

2. Tap the + button next to the playlist that you want to sync to Mighty.

3. Selected playlists will show a pink checkmark (✓) in place of the + button and can be deselected by tapping the ✓. The "Sync Now" button will turn pink and can be pressed when one or more playlists have been selected.

4. Tap the "Sync Now" button to start the sync process.






Play / Pause / Power

Press the play button to power on. It takes up to 25 seconds for Mighty to fully power on. Once ready for playback, Mighty's LED will be white if plugged into the charger or flashing green if not plugged into the charger.

Press and hold the play button for 4 seconds to power off. Mighty's LED will turn orange to indicate that it's powering off.

Playlist / Shuffle

Press to switch between playlists.

Press and hold for 3 seconds to toggle on / off.





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