Connecting to Apple AirPods

Connecting your Mighty (or any non-Apple product) with Apple AirPods is possible, it’s just tricky and not always reliable. Why?...must be part of Apple’s secret sauce. Here are some tips for connecting your airpods:

  1. Open the Mighty App > Connections Section - From within the Mighty App, make sure you are in the “Connections” section (chain link in lower left) and have your Mighty connected.

  2. Confirm AirPods are Disconnected From Phone, Tablet, Watch, Computer, Etc - Apple products love to connect with Apple products. From the moment you pop the top on your AirPod case, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and your Macbook all try to connect with your AirPods. Your poor little Mighty doesn’t stand a chance unless you are going into settings on those devices and disconnecting your AirPods prior to connecting them with your Mighty. You should not have to “forget device” just confirm it’s not connected.

  3. Put AirPods in Pairing Mode - There is a small white circle on the back of your AirPod case. It’s actually a button, Apple is just so magical with their industrial design that it seems too perfect to be a button. Open the top of your AirPod case and hold that beautiful button on the back until the perfect, little light between your safely nestled AirPods starts delicately breathing white. That means you are in pairing mode.

  4. Back To Mighty App > Connections Section - With your Mighty connected to you phone, all other devices disconnected from your AirPods, and your AirPods in pairing mode, you should be able to swipe down on the Bluetooth connections section of the app and your AirPods will be discovered. Once the AirPods are discovered, click the little + to connect them with your Mighty.





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