Managing Your Spotify Playlists

Syncing Playlists to Mighty
1. Go to the Browse section to view your playlists.
2. Tap the + button next to the playlist that you want to sync to Mighty.
3. Selected playlists will show a pink checkmark (✓) in place of the + button and can be deselected by tapping the ✓. The "Sync Now" button will turn pink and can be pressed when one or more playlists have been selected.
4. Tap the "Sync Now" button to start the sync process.



Refreshing Playlists already on Mighty
If you have updated the content of one or more of your playlists, you can push the updated content to Mighty by refreshing all or some of your playlists. Alternatively, you can use the Stay Fresh setting to have your content updated automatically each night. Detailed information on Stay Fresh is available in this article (link).

To manually refresh:
1. Go to the Home screen and tap the "Refresh All" button to refresh all of your playlists.
2. If you only want to refresh some of your playlists, tap the + button next to each playlist that you want to refresh. The "Refresh All" button will then show the number of playlists that you have selected.
3. Tap the "Refresh" button to start the refresh process. Only the selected playlists will be refreshed.

To automatically refresh using Stay Fresh:
1. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand side of the Home screen to view the Settings menu.
2. Select the type(s) of content that you would like automatically update each night.
3. Select the time of day when you would like the automatic update to start. We recommend choosing a time in the middle of the night when Mighty won't be in use.
4. Tap "Save".

Note: Mighty must be plugged into a charger and within range of a known WiFi network in order for Stay Fresh to run at the chosen time each night.

Removing Playlists from Mighty
1. Go to the Home screen and swipe left on playlist that you want to remove. A trashcan icon will be displayed.
2. Tap the trashcan icon to remove the selected playlist from your Mighty.



Syncing a playlist is the most exciting part of being a Mighty user. It’s also a step that can lead to frustrations based on your WiFi environment. In a high-speed, stable WiFi environment, syncing a 50 track playlist (3-5min songs) should take 5 minutes. If your WiFi environment is slow, you will experience longer sync times. 

RECOMMENDATION: Take is slow. Sync one playlist at a time. Try to sync playlists that are 100 songs or less. Larger playlists can by synced with your Mighty but they could take multiple hours to sync. 

PRO SYNCING TIPS: Be patient. The initial sync process takes time. Once you select the playlist you want to sync, and click the “Sync Now” button the LED on your Mighty will start rapidly blinking green. The LED will rapidly blink green until the sync has stopped. While syncing, you can see the playlist sync % in the top left corner on the HOME tab (bottom-middle) within the Mighty app. Based on the size of your playlist, the sync % may stay at 0% for several minutes. 

Trouble Syncing Your Playlists

Playlists can fail when syncing. Those syncing failures are primarily caused by WiFi interruptions. As a reminder, DO NOT press any buttons on your Mighty while it's connected to the app. Pushing buttons on Mighty can trigger music playback which automatically disconnects it from the app and WiFi. This is a power-saving feature, but will interrupt any ongoing update or sync progress.

As a reminder, DO NOT press any buttons on your Mighty while it's connected to the app, to avoid triggering music playback which automatically disconnects it from the app and WiFi. This is a power-saving feature, but will interrupt any ongoing update or sync progress.

STEP 1 - Check WiFi 

If you run into an error while syncing a playlist, check to make sure your WiFi network is working. After you have confirmed your WiFi network is working, turn your Mighty off (hold play/pause for 3 seconds), and close the Mighty app. From there you can try again - Launch the Mighty app, power your Mighty on and connect to the app. Go to the HOME tab (bottom-middle), and you should see the playlist you tried to sync. Select it and click “Refresh”. The sync process should restart and the LED on the Mighty should start rapidly blinking green. 

STEP 2 - Check Your dBm Number

Your dBm number is the number in parenthesis following the Wi-Fi Name in the Wi-Fi Connections Tab. They are negative numbers, so the 'less negative' the better.

- Good Signal: -20 to -30

- Medium signal: -30 to -40

- Poor signal: -50 or below

Syncing will probably be slow and spotty with a poor signal and you should move closer to your WiFi access point.

STEP 3 - Use Phone as Hotspot 

If the above process does not work, you could try using your phone as a hotspot instead of connecting to WiFi. 

First, enable your phone's hotspot and connect your Mighty to it, as its WiFi network. NOTE: If you're an iPhone user there's a known limitation on certain iPhones where you need to connect another device (like a laptop) to the hotspot, before it will be visible in the Mighty app.

Once you've connected your Mighty to your phone's hotspot, re-attempt the sync process. This allows your Mighty to use a different route to download software updates 

STEP 4 - Factory Reset

If that fails, we can start fresh with your Mighty to eliminate the possibility of a software hiccup.

Please uninstall the Mighty app from your phone, restart your phone (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP), then reinstall it from the App store.

After the Mighty app has been uninstalled and reinstalled, you need to perform a factory reset on your Mighty. To do this, launch the Mighty app, power your Mighty on, and connect it to the app. Go to the HOME tab (bottom-middle), tap on settings (upper left, ☰ button), then tap on Factory Reset. The factory reset will remove all the playlists and Bluetooth connections from your Mighty. The Factory Reset should take 10-30 seconds (yellow light will be on) and will be complete when Mighty powers off. 

After Factory Reset is complete, power your Mighty on (hold play for 3 sec) and reconnect it to the app. Connect your Mighty to a stable WiFi network, and try syncing playlists one at a time. 

If you are still having trouble, please reach out to us at


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