Connecting to Bluetooth Other Headphones & Speakers

Connecting Mighty to Bluetooth Accessories
1. Go to the Connections screen and tap the Bluetooth logo.
2. Put your Bluetooth accessory in pairing mode, then swipe down on the Bluetooth screen.
3. Tap the + button next to the Bluetooth accessory that you would like to connect.
4. A green checkmark (✓) will be displayed next to the Bluetooth accessory once it is connected. You will also hear a chime through your headphones to indicate that the connection has been made.

We have seen at times where the Bluetooth headphones auto-connect back to your phone. Make sure you disconnect or un-pair the headphones from your phone if that happens, otherwise, Mighty won't find nor connect to it.

Note: If you're unable to connect Mighty to a Bluetooth accessory, check to ensure that you've updated the Bluetooth accessory's firmware to the latest version. Refer to the manufacturer's user manual for instructions on updating the accessory's firmware.



Reconnecting Mighty to your Accessory
Mighty will automatically reconnect to your accessory the next time you turn it on. To ensure that the reconnection occurs as intended:

1. Start with both Mighty and the Bluetooth accessory powered off.
2. Power Mighty on and wait for the LED to start blinking green (approximately 20 second)
3. Power the Bluetooth accessory on.
4. Wait a few seconds to allow Mighty to connect to the accessory. You will hear a chime through your headphones to indicate that the connection has been made.

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