Connecting to Beats Powerbeats Pro

Connecting Mighty to Beats Powerbeats Pro
1. Plug your Mighty into a charger and wait for the LED to blink white
2. Connect Mighty to the mobile app
3. Place the Powerbeats inside the charging case; press and hold the system button until the LED blinks
4. Go to the Mighty app, click on the Connections icon on the lower left side of the app navigate, then click on the Bluetooth icon on the upper left side of the app
5. Swipe down on the screen to search for Bluetooth accessories
6. The Powerbeats should appear in the list below; tap the "+" button to establish the connection

Reconnecting Mighty to Beats Powerbeats Pro
Mighty will automatically reconnect to the Powerbeats the next time you turn both devices on. To ensure that the reconnection occurs as intended:

1. Start with Mighty powered off and the Powerbeats in the charging case
2. Power Mighty on and wait for the LED to start blinking green (approximately 20 seconds)
3. Take the Powerbeats out of the charging case
4. Wait up to 15 seconds for Mighty to connect to the Powerbeats; you will hear a chime through the Powerbeats to indicate that the connection has been made

Note: If the Powerbeats are also paired with your phone, they may auto-connect back to your phone when you attempt to pair them with Mighty. Make sure to disconnect the Powerbeats from your phone before you attempt to pair them with Mighty. The Powerbeats will not connect to Mighty if they are already connected to your phone.

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