I can't sync my Spotify or Amazon Music playlists.

Please try these steps: 

1. Connect Mighty to the app
2. Go to the Connections screen
3. Tap the WiFi logo at the top of the screen
4. Connect Mighty to your WiFi network
5. Tap the Spotify logo at the top of the screen
6. Disconnect from your Spotify or Amazon account
7. Tap the "Connect" button to reconnect Mighty to your Spotify or Amazon account
8. Go to the Browse screen
9. Select some playlists and try to sync

If the above doesn't resolve the issue, un-install and re-install the Mighty and Spotify / Amazon apps on your phone and try again.

If you still can't sync your playlists please email us at heyo@bemighty.com and we'll respond within one business day to help you troubleshoot.

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