Why does Mighty need a WiFi connection to sync?

WiFi is used to sync your tracks to Mighty as quickly as possible. Mighty cannot sync over a cellular connection at this time, but you can turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot and use that network to sync.

Note: If you're an iPhone user there's a known limitation where you need to connect another device (like a laptop) to the hotspot in order for the network to show up in the Mighty app.


If using an iPhone, try these steps : 

  1. Launch the Mighty app and connect to your Mighty

  2. Go to the WiFi connections tab

  3. Switch to your phone's Settings page/app

  4. Tap on Personal Hotspot

  5. Enable the option to Allow Others to Join

  6. Enable the option to Maximize Comatibility

  7. Quickly switch back to the Mighty app

  8. Swipe down on the WiFi connections page

  9. When it finds your phone's hotspot, tap the + symbol beside it

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