I can't update Mighty's firmware.

1. Check your WiFi connection and attempt the firmware update again.
2. If you're still unable to update the firmware, then there's likely an issue with Mighty's connection to your WiFi network. To confirm, we recommend connecting your Mighty to a different WiFi network and attempting the firmware update again. If your phone has a hotspot feature, then you can enable it and connect your Mighty to that network to run the firmware update


If you have an iPhone, try this : 

    1. Launch the Mighty app and connect to your Mighty

    2. Go to the WiFi connections tab

    3. Switch to your phone's Settings page/app

    4. Tap on Personal Hotspot

    5. Enable the option to Allow Others to Join

    6. Enable the option to Maximize Comatibility

    7. Quickly switch back to the Mighty app

    8. Swipe down on the WiFi connections page

    9. When it finds your phone's hotspot, tap the + symbol beside it

If Mighty isn't connecting to any of your WiFi networks, please email us at heyo@bemighty.com and we'll respond within one business day to help you troubleshoot.


If you do manage to start the update process, but it gets stuck in the "Installing" phase, on an Android 14 phone, please checkout this article.

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