Mighty Specs

-Storage Capacity: 1,000+ tracks (8GB)
-Battery Capacity: 5+ hours of listening time on a single charge
-Temperature Range: 0 to 95 Fahrenheit / -17 to 35 Celsius (battery capacity may decrease in temperatures lower than 32 Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius)
-Buttons: Power, shuffle, song fwd/back, volume up/down, playlist selector (with spoken playlist names)
-Connectivity: Bluetooth for playback, WiFi for syncing
-Compatible With: Bluetooth and wired headphones and speakers
-Content Supported: Playlists and podcasts
-Playback Mode: Offline - no phone or connection needed
-Playback Requirements: Spotify Premium account
-App Support: iOS 9 and above, Android 6.0 (Marshmellow) and above
-Water Resistance: Mighty is water resistant, not waterproof. Mighty is officially rated IPX4. No baths, please.
-Dimensions: 1.5” x 1.5” x 0.7”
-Weight: 0.7 ounces
-Included: Charger, Quick Start Guide (headset not included)

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