Battery Life

Mighty's Battery Life
Mighty typically has five or more hours of continuous playback using wired or Bluetooth headphones. Exact playback time is dependent on individual playback patterns such as outside temperature, volume level, and how often the music is paused/started.

Sleep Mode
Mighty will automatically enter sleep mode after five minutes of non-activity (no music playback, no button presses, no activity on app). While sleeping, Mighty will be in a low power mode and will not be able to play music or connect to the app. The LED will not be illuminated when Mighty is in sleep mode. To conserve battery life, Mighty will automatically power off after 45 minutes in sleep mode. To conserve battery life, we recommend manually turning Mighty off after usage by holding the play button for four seconds.

To wake Mighty up from sleep mode, tap the play/pause button once and Mighty's LED will turn solid green for 3 seconds, then the LED will blink green to indicate that Mighty is powered on. You will be able to play music and connect to the app as soon as Mighty's LED beings blinking green.


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