Android 14 Known Issue


The Android 14 update is preventing Mighty 3 users from getting the latest firmware on their Mighty. We have a fix for this, but the irony is that you need to get the newest firmware. Here are the options for getting your firmware updated

  1. If you live in a household with multiple devices (Android or IOS), you can download the Mighty Audio app on any non-Android 14 device and follow these steps:

    • Download the Mighty Audio app on any device (phone or tablet) not operating Android 14

    • From within the Mighty Audio app, login to your Mighty Audio account and connect your Mighty 3

    • You should be automatically prompted to update the software on your Mighty 3. If you are not, follow these steps

      • Double check to make sure your Mighty 3 is connected to the app (while on the connections tab, lower left part of the app, you should see your Mighty 3’s name and a green check mark next to it).

      • If you see that green check mark next to your Mighty 3, you can click the home tab at the bottom of the app, and then click the three lines in the top left corner. 

      • From within that menu, you will see “Software Update”. Click on that and your Mighty 3 should update

    • Once your Mighty 3 is updated to the most recent firmware, you should be good to go, and can go back to using it on the Android 14 device. 

  2. If you do not have access to a device (tablet or phone) that is not running Android 14, please contact us ( and we can coordinate getting you a new device that has the newest firmware already installed. 

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