Reconnecting to Bluetooth

Once Mighty is paired with your Bluetooth device it will automatically reconnect with your Mighty for future uses. If you are having issues with Mighty automatically reconnecting to your Bluetooth device, checkout these tips

Order Matters: Power on Bluetooth Device 1st, Mighty 2nd - Bluetooth devices and connections are notoriously fickle. To make sure you have the best reconnection experience, turn on the Bluetooth device 1st. Wait for it to fully power up and be waiting for a connection, then turn your Mighty on. You should hear the audible chime or voice over and/or see the connection light on your Bluetooth device signaling that your Mighty and Bluetooth device are connected.

Disconnect Bluetooth Device From Other Players (phone, watch, tablet, computer, car): If your Bluetooth device is going in and out or randomly breaks it’s connection with your Mighty, it is most likely because that Bluetooth device is trying to connect with something else - phone, watch, computer, car, etc. To prevent this from happening, you can “forget” or “disconnect” the Bluetooth device from everything except your Mighty.

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