Bluetooth Device Tips/Hacks

Bluetooth devices can vary in how they connect and function. Even once they are connected, some of their playback methods can vary from mono to stereo. Here are some tips and hacks that might help you if you have a device that is being tricky.

Be Patient and Look/Listen For Connection Queues - Bluetooth devices can take their time connecting (1-30 seconds). If you have already paired your Bluetooth device with Mighty but are reconnecting, power up your Bluetooth device 1st and then power up your Mighty (order matters). You should hear the paired chime or see the paired light on your Bluetooth device meaning you are connected and good to press play on your Mighty.

Take it Slow - Bluetooth devices can be slow in responding. Rather than pressing track forward/back rapidly or the playlist button rapidly, give Mighty and your Bluetooth device a chance to get up to speed. Waiting a second in between button presses will help your Mighty and your Bluetooth device stay in sync. This is especially important for the 1st 30 seconds or so each time they connect. Let the connection build stability and then start sending commands from your Mighty.

Keep Wired Headphones/Earbuds or 3.5mm Aux Cord Handy - If your Bluetooth device is giving you trouble, you can always plug in a 3.5 mm Audio Aux Cable and use your Mighty without any issue. Many Bluetooth devices (especially speakers) have an audio-in option, and many of them come with a cord because they know that Bluetooth connections can be wonky. If you need a cord for your speaker, any “Aux Audio Cable” should work.

Start Wired, Jump to Bluetooth - Mighty experiences playback issues with all voiceover related commands (playlist change, song/artist read out) from some of the less expensive Bluetooth devices with mono audio output. In these cases, the Bluetooth device can connect to Mighty, but you can’t jump from playlist to playlist while connected to the speaker. In those cases, you can find the right playlist by listening via a wired connection, then pause or remove the wired connection, and finally power up your previously paired Bluetooth device. The Mighty will reconnect with your Bluetooth device, and you will be on the playlist you want.

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